Forgive yourself Lady

The wisdom that comes with Age

Age is just a number. Luckily, for me at the age of thirty, I’ve learned a lot. The wisdom that comes with age is a precious gift that I do cherish. Patience is my friend and worry is my fiercest enemy.

Looking back, at the heartaches, struggles in school and finding a good job I could say that I’m tough. I’m proud to say that I never gave up. Eventually, no one will help you but yourself.

In contrast, your closest friends, lover or family may not have a clue about the things that you’ve been struggling with.

Put on a brave smile, everything will be ok. To the people who are doubting themselves, kindly give yourself a break.

Problems are normal. They don’t disappear.  Once a problem was solved another one will spring out of nowhere.

Wisdom and Age

Wisdom and age go hand in hand. For many, these two are directly proportional. Unfortunately, there are others who refused to increase their wisdom as they age. But, that’s their problem and I know that they’ll figure it out soon.

When you realize that material things and a high paying job will not make you happy. You’ll find yourself trapped on the never-ending habit of pleasing others just to be accepted.

Know this, life is temporary and you’ll only live once. Do not let others drown your inner peace. Moreover, being yourself is the only way that you will realize how important you are and your opinion does matter.

Enjoy the struggles, cry if you must but don’t give up. Live in the moment and don’t just look back at the memories.

When plans don’t go as you plan, move forward and be resilient to the changes around you. Your life is a gift, make sure to treasure it.  Don’t be overdramatic.

All of us had struggled. You are not the only one who has a problem. Be tough because the world will never give you another chance.

If you want something work hard for it.

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The Right Time

We always ask this question. When will be the right time? Importantly, life gives us a lot of distraction that refocuses our attention.

You might not notice this in the beginning but years have passed and you haven’t still started the plans that will bring you close to your dream.

The Right Time is not for ours to question. As I said earlier, live in the moment because you can never pause time.

These are the things that we question most of the time.

When will be the right time?

  1. When will I graduate in college?
  2. When will I find someone who is destined for me?
  3. When will I find a regular job?
  4. When will I get married?
  5. When will I have a child of my own?
  6. When will my child graduate college?
  7. When will he work?
  8. When will I die?

Do you notice anything? The question that we ask through our life is just a cycle. In addition, this is just a repetitive episode of the things that we want to happen.

Instead of questioning when? Try to enjoy the present. We don’t hold the future. Contrary to what other people say planning the future makes you a  good steward.

But, enjoying what is in front of you will make a difference. Wisdom is earned through time. Don’t rush yourself to be someone that you are not.

Enjoy life and everything that comes in it.





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