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10 Secrets the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know

Beauty is not flawless. It shines through Flaws.

Beauty secrets, have you ever wonder why celebrities always look stunning? They seem to age gracefully and look fantastic on the red carpet as well as paparazzi shots.

We admit that we get jealous of them sometimes. What are their beauty secrets?

But, we understand that they have an army of beauty expert behind their back. However, the fundamental of self-care is very simple.

Beauty Secrets

1. Don’t discount the benefits of sunscreen

Beautiful and healthy looking skin can’t be achieved without using sunscreen. Any other efforts you make will be in vain if you neglect your skin and this is a golden rule.

Use a cream with SPF no less than 30.

2. Don’t Overdry your skin

Dry skin

Most anti spots cream contains benzoyl peroxide that dries the skin.  It aggravates inflammation and increases the production of sebum or oil.

Alcohol acts similarly. So, you won’t rid the spot that easily. You need to direct yourself to exfoliants with salicylic and lactic acid. Cleansing mask with clay also helps. Drinking water adds to good skin moisture.

3. Never forget about our neck


The neck is one part of the woman’s body that gives away the owners age. Moreover, it is very important to take good care of it.

The skin on your neck is thin and needs delicate attention like the skin on your face. Go further than your skin and you’ll be fine.

4.Rub an ice cube in your face

Beaty secrets ice cubes

Rub a cube of ice into your face to minimize dull complexion. It also decreases the size of your pores.

This simple trick stimulates blood circulation that can make your skin glow.

5. Store your Beauty accessories correctly

Beauty secrets

Do not store your beauty accessories in the bathroom. The warm and humid air makes them expire more quickly.

Face creams and other beauty accessories that are not used regularly should be stored on the fridge for a longer shelf life.

6. Keep everything that touches your skin clean

Beauty secrets

You shouldn’t touch your face with dirty hands. Changed pillowcase every once a week if you have a dry or normal skin type or once every three days if your skin is oily.

Clean your smartphone screen from time to time. It is a great vehicle to transfer bacteria especially when you are on your phone all day.

7. Don’t use scrubs and face sponges if you are prone to acne

beauty secrets sponge

A skin care specialist from Beverly Hills recommends never using any abrasive skin products ( sponge, scrubs, and brushes).

This abrasive skin product can lead to more inflammation if you have acne.

8. Always take off your bra before going to sleep

Beauty secrets Bra

As much as you might be tempted to wear a bra during sleep think again. Do not believe that leaving your bra on your sleep will result in perkier pairs.

A bra, especially a tight or wired one constricts circulation leading to a health problem. It causes skin irritation and restless due to discomfort. This habit darkens that spot where the wire is placed.

9. Facial Massage will help you get rid of dark circles on your eyes.

Beauty secrets facial massage

Lymph drainage massage is best practice.  It soothes and also relaxes the facial muscle. This procedure stimulates lymph flow and produces a glowing skin in return and the eye bags disappear.

Besides, you can even do it at home it’s not difficult to learn.

10. Take care of your hands

Beauty secrets hand

Hands require as much care as the neck and face. The skin on your hands is also delicate. Try doing your chores in gloves.

Regularly moisten your skin with cream. You can also apply anti-aging on hands and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Taking care of your body is the basic thing that you need to do. In return, it will give you a better perspective of self-worth.

Beauty is skin deep but you need to also take care of your skin.


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