Debt Problems

Til’ DEBT do us part: Establish your cashflow

Life is beautiful if you don’t have debts to worry about.

What is Debt?

It is something, typically money that is owed or due to another person.

I assume that all of us had encountered debt. We all had been through a tough time or simply forgot our wallet to pay for something. In consequence, we opted to borrow.

Debts don’t define us. On the other hand, if your debt is as deep as the well you might need to think again. You are digging yourself in it with your chronic debt problems.

Debt Problems


Undoubtedly, debts problems make us weary. Oftentimes, it makes our mind wander. Money had been the root of all evil if not managed correctly.

On a positive note, money is also a driving force for us to achieve our dreams and aspiration.

If you have debts learn to establish your Cash Flow to move forward.

How to Establish Cashflow

  1. Know Your expenses
  2. Bundle products and services when you are purchasing to save money
  3. Learn to separate first your savings
  4. Spend only the money that was left after getting your expenses and savings
  5. Be patient
  6. Learn to delay gratification. Instead of immediately swiping your credit card for a gadget that you really want try to save up for it. It will be worth the wait.

Debt is not a bad thing. In fact, when managed correctly it can help you through a tough time or put up the business that you really want. It will make you more resilient to the struggles in life.

In addition, make sure to consider your options carefully. Think twice before borrowing money.

Do you really need it? Is it for a bigger purpose and not just your wants?

Eventually, chronic debt problems will bite you in the ass. You may have a successful career now. But, deep inside you are out of peace.

Stay away from unnecessary debt problems. If you are only using the money to make you feel better the, STOP!

Effects of Debts

It’s not too late for a fresh start. Admitting to yourself that you need help will show how responsible you are. You might think that other people don’t’ know.

I will tell you now, You are wrong! People around you know about your debt. It only takes a short time for it to spread.

Success is not defined by your position. It is a state where you can sleep at night knowing that you haven’t done any grief to the people around you.

Apart from this, don’t take for granted the people that you borrowed money from.

Remember, they have used blood and sweat to earn the money that you borrowed. Also, the years that you borrowed the money from doesn’t lessen your debt.

Don’t play the amnesia card and just pay your debts.


Debt Problem advise

Finally, don’t allow yourself to be a victim of a person who has a chronic debt problem. Learn to research before lending them money.

Don’t allow yourself to be a personal ATM of this person. You are only allowing them to dig a deeper hole for themselves.

If you know someone with debt problems don’t backbite them. In contrast, find someone that could talk to that person and make a sense out of him.

To conclude, that person needs our help more than ever. The money will not lessen his problem. Learn to separate the attitude from the person.


At the end of the day, he is still human and humans make mistake all the time. No one is perfect.

Be a bigger person that can see the problems and not just the person involved in it.



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