6 Foods that will never Expire

Most food is still edible after the expiration date.

Most food is still edible after the expiration date. The only problem is with the quality of the product. Studies show that 90% of them can still last up to 15 years after expiration.

Companies are adamant to increase the shelf life of foods manufactured. It is better for storage, transport, and profit.

Let’s discover some foods that can surpass your lifetime.

Foods that will never expire.

1. White Sugar

This food will never expire. It has something to do with microorganisms and how long can they last on their own.  Sugar absorbs water there is in a microorganism causing them to die rather than making the sugar rot.


However, if you keep sugaring a wet environment this can increase microorganism and will spoil sugar. But, with proper storage sugar will definitely expire.

If you make sugar in anything. It has a greater chance to expire.

2.Instant Coffee

Fresh ground coffee is always the best. But, instant coffee is always a buffer when the fresh ground is not available.

Fresh ground coffee never keeps its freshness. After some time, it doesn’t taste the same and it isn’t that strong.


Instant coffee doesn’t expire. It only loses its taste over time. If it’s stored carefully it can last forever.

With that being said, if you’re worried that your coffee has gone bad. You need to look at the container where it is stored from. There might be a mold that will spoil coffee.

3.Powdered Milk

Like everything on this list. Powdered milk can also go bad if not stored correctly.

Powdered milk also known as dried milk is chock-full of preservatives that can be usable for years. Manufacturers recommend that you use the milk within 18 months.

Powdered Milk

But the USDA confirmed can be stored indefinitely. Some stores sell non-fat dried milk that takes up a 20 yr shelf life.

Apparently, the powdered milk depends on the type of powdered milk.

Some recommend using a mason jar with a tight squeeze to increase shelf life on powdered milk. Freezing can also increase powdered milk’s shelf life.

4.Soy Sauce

The bottle itself looks old but contents of the bottle are still near perfect. Moreover, the crazy part is it tastes the same the day that we got it.

Soy Sauce

Like many other spices, Soy Sauce has an acid hydrolyze protein. This hydrolyzed protein also contributes to longer shelf life.

Traditional soy sauce has only four ingredients: Water, salt, soybeans, and wheat.

5. Popcorn Kernels

Popcorn is actually a healthy snack before loading them with butter and all sorts of seasoning and ingredient.

Pop Corn

It is comforting to know that this food is health even stored for a long time. It is 100% whole grain.

You can eat six cups of it in one sitting.

6. Red Wine

Your beloved red wine can last for hundreds of years as long as it’s of good quality and is stored correctly.


What is a quality wine? Look for the information where it was made and how the fruit is aged for.

The best indicator is the years batch it was made. Storing it a dark and cool place is recommended.A

In addition,  remember to seal it tightly after opening.

Well, there you go. You can enjoy this never expiring food.

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