Things that you’ll never buy again

Things you’ll never buy again after knowing how they are made.

Chemical on your favorite foot adds health risk. But, unknowingly we indulge ourselves to famous products that put us at risk first hand.

You may never know about the nasty stuff that is mixed on your favorite things.

Things you’ll never buy again

1.Antibacterial soap

How many of you purchase antibacterial soaps? My guess is all of us. Have you taken some time reading on the packaging before purchasing it?

Antibacterial soap

In the hopes of avoiding whatever things may come our way, we opted for antibacterial soaps.

Studies show that antibacterial soap is not helpful when washing up.  Triclosan is one of the dangerous ingredients.

When bacteria encounter this ingredient they can mutate causing them to become immune to antibacterial soap.

Many big companies quietly change their ingredients to remove Triclosan. However, be aware when shopping there are still brands that use this ingredient.

2. Mac and Cheese

Who doesn’t love Mac and Cheese? One of the world famous snacks is also one of the unhealthiest.

The debate about mac and cheese is ongoing. Some believe that chemical Phthalates is dangerous to our health.

Mac and cheese

Phthalates are commonly added to plastic to make it flexible. They are also added to makeup and perfume because they hold on to the scent and color very well.

When consumed with great levels they can mess up with male testosterone and can cause birth defects.

3. Processed Bread

Not all bread is created equal. The key word here is processed. When we consumed processed bread. We are consuming questionable ingredients.

Toasted Bread

L-cysteine is used as a dough conditioner that is meant to make commercial dough soft.  So it can be easily manipulated and it increases the shelf life of bread.

L-cysteine comes from human hair. Then, a human hair is dissolved in acid and put to a rigorous chemical process before sent to commercial bread manufacturer.

Allegedly, hairs collected from the barbershop. Yup, the hair is swept up and boxed.

4. Gummy Bears

Gummy bears had been around since 1920. It is consumed by many people each year. So, what could be bad about these cute little bears?

Gummy Bears

The culprit here is the ingredient called gelatin.

Gelatin is the essential thing that makes the gummy bears gummy. Gelatin is made from animals skin and bone.

Skin, horns, cartilage, and bones are collected from a meat factory. All those things are boiled down together and produced a yellow tasteless matter. That is called gelatin.

Gelatin is also found in cheese, yogurts, and marshmallows.

5. Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are a staple on fast food chains. As a kid, we enjoy munching on this delicious treat.

With thirty ingredients listed on the nutrition guide. Unknowingly, Chicken is only a fraction of it. Fast food like Mcdonald uses non-free range chicken.

Chicken nuggets

This means that chickens are bread on tight spaces. They are likely juiced up with hormones and antibiotics to make them bigger.

6. Hotdog

They often made of the cheapest trims of pork, beef, and chicken. Then, they are ground into some disgusting paste.


The most alarming ingredients mixed with them is called nitrate.

Furthermore, nitrate extends the shelf life of hotdogs. Hotdogs are not the healthiest choice.

7. Energy Drinks

The amount of sugar and caffeine on these drinks is alarming.

Energy drinks

The caffeine content of the famous energy drink can equal to 8 cups of coffee.

Eventually, the effects of caffeine, in the long run, can make you limp and it can also lead to a heart attack.

Finally, Read before you eat. Make sure that the food that you are eating or using is beneficial to both your body and the environment.

Kindly add this to the things you’ll never buy again.





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