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The Price of Beauty: Dying for a Tan

Great tans don't happen by accident. They happen by

The price of beauty. Dying to be Tan.

What do you say about Claire Oliver? Courageous and brave that’s what most people say. A couple of weeks ago doctors told her that she has only a few days to live.

But, that didn’t stop her. She wants her message to get across. Determine to help others from skin cancer, and single-handed she succeeded.

Claire Oliver forced governments to act to crack down on solarium across Australia



This is a horizontal device use for indoor tanning. In addition, The solarium is typically found in a tanning salon, gym, spas, hotel, and sports facilities.

The device is commonly called a tanning bed or a sunbed.

The Price of Beauty Claire Oliver

An Australian woman whose own health risk prompted her to become an activist. Eventually, she garnered worldwide attention to raise awareness regarding the excessive use of solariums or sun beds.

It’s an inspiring story in the battle against melanoma. But it’s a victory that will break your heart.

At 26 years old her body is shutting down. A melanoma diagnosed four years ago is about to claim her life. Every day is a struggle for this young soul.

Starting the day not be able to breath is her first struggle towards living. It is not fun gasping and sucking air just to stay alive.

Especially, it’s devasting to see someone dying. Claire Oliver believed that her time in the sunbed contributed to her condition.

Crying, Claire Oliver told the story about how you to appreciate life more than beauty. The glossy pictures on magazines are not true.

Those images cause young minds like little girls and teenagers to feel less about themselves.

Beauty comes with a price. But, your life doesn’t need to be at risk when you are striving for the beauty standards of the world.


It is a type of skin cancer that originates from the pigment-containing cell melanocytes. It is caused by ultraviolet light from the sun and tanning device.


Symptoms of Melanoma

Detecting symptoms of Melanoma is as simple as A- B- C- D- E

  • Asymmetry The mole has irregular in shape
  • Border The edge is not smooth
  • Color the mole has uneven color and dark spots
  • Diameter The mole is larger than a regular pencil eraser
  • Elevation or Evolving The mole is changing in size and texture

What is absolutely clear is solarium increases the risk of skin cancer. The UV light from sunbeds can mutate cells.

The sunbed is noisy and hot. Definitely, you can literally feel the heat by just touching it. When you use sunbeds you toast your body on both sides.

But, for those people who love tan sun beds are the convenient option rather than basking to the heat of the sun that usually cause even spots.


Despite the warnings, people are still continuing to use the solarium.

Without a doubt, the rays in a regular sunbed are five times more than the heat of the sun.

A person who has been diagnosed with melanoma and has undergone surgery is still not safe.

The excised area still needs to be evaluated every three months for up to five years to check if the cancer cells came back.

Moreover, tanning through the solarium is still an option. To those enthusiasts, tan at your own risk. This is the price of beauty.

Life is much beautiful without a melanoma to worry about. Altogether, we each need to be aware of the consequences of things that we are using.

Lastly, never ever compromise your precious life just to look good. Beauty resonates when you feel beautiful inside. Outward appearance does fade.

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