Eating too much sugar

Warning Signs your eating too much sugar

Warning signs for eating too much sugar. Watch out for it!

Most people would agree that sweet mouthwatering sugar makes anything you put it on taste way so much better.

You toast a bread add some little sugar. Coffee too bitter sugar will fix that up.

But what might seem like innocent pleasure can actually cause a lot of serious health issue when we put in a lot in our body.

Luckily, our body gives us a crystal clear sign that we are crossing that line and we are consuming too much sugar. Let’s break it down.

Warning Signs

1.Muscle and Joint pain

Joint pain

Have you been skipping up on regular walks, gardening or exercise lately because you are in pain? Well, this pain can be a warning from your body that you are consuming too much sugar.

You see, a large amount of sugar in your diet cause your cell to secrete inflammatory messenger in your bloodstream in order to break down that excess sugar in your body.

Basically, all this complicated biochemical response comes from consuming too much sugar. It will result from joint and muscle pain, joint stiffness and swelling.

Not to mention,  you could end up with Arthritis, Cataracts, Heart Disease, poor memory, and even wrinkles.

If you are experiencing any of this go see your doctor. Even if it’s not related to your diet, living in constant pain is never okay.

2.Craving Sweet foods

You might not know this but our body can develop a dependency on sugar. We get more and more addictive the more sugar we consume.

Sweet foods

When eating sweet sugary foods will release dopamine in our system. Which is a chemical in charge of the brain reward system in our brain.

Our brain sees sugar as a reward or a treat. The more sugar you eat the more your body craves it. So, next thing you know you are in this addictive vicious cycle.

Plus, food main of sugar doesn’t make you feel full because it does not contain any useful nutrients. Which is why you still feel hungry even if you ate a whole sugary muffin.

So, if in case you craze sugar eat some fruits with natural sugar in it. This food will make you feel full and they have natural fiber for good digestion.

3.Energy Highs and Lows

Don’t get the wrong idea or anything, Sugar in the right amount is good for you because is what supplies your body with energy.

Low energy

But any deviation from consuming sugar can lead to an energy yoyo throughout the day. When you eat sweet stuff your pancreas will produce insulin to help glucose consumed by the cell giving you a rush of energy.

Once the cycle ends though, your energy level drops because your body wants sugar. This can start a cycle of overeating sugar to maintain your energy level.

4. Constant skin breakouts

Now, here’s a body sign that is impossible to ignore because it will be right in your face. We mentioned earlier that too much sugar in the blood can lead to inflammation.


Well, acne is a type of inflammation of the skin. This insulin boost from your pancreas can increase the activity of your oil glands and this will erupt the acne on your face.

If your acne has been bothering you and no creams or treatment cures it. Try to change your diet by reducing your sugar intake.

5.Weight Gain

Another hard consequence of eating too much sugar is weight gain. It is never a compliment to find one day your jeans don’t fit you anymore. Weight gain is not even a simple sign that you’re eating too much sugar.

It is a dangerous sign that you are overdosing with sugar. High level of sugar increases the production of insulin and hen stores excess fat in your belly rather than in some other place.

Sugar should not become your mortal enemy. Just know your limits and control them. It will be hard at first. But, taking your first step will lead transform a healthy you.

6. Frequent colds and flu

Eating or drinking too much sugar stops white blood cells of the human body from attacking foreign invaders when you get sick.

You see vitamin C that your body needs is similar in chemical structure to glucose.


So instead, looking for and working for vitamin C your immune system tries to use glucose which doesn’t help a lot.

We are all guilty of eating too much sugar. Learn to control everything that we eat, and it will lead to a healthy body that we always want.



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