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Habits that speeds up Aging without you noticing

Habits that speeds up aging

Habits that speeds up Aging. The age-defying industry is so huge. People spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars just to look young.

There are a lot of innovation regarding beauty that promises a youthful glow. While creams and treatment slow the aging process, the best anti-aging routine should be living a healthy life.

Habits that speeds up Aging

1.Indulging too often

If you usually say yes to desserts and other treats such as pastries and candy bars. You may find yourself of aging prematurely. Not only does white sugar cause wide inflammation in the body that can lead to diseases.

Indulging too often

It also directly affects appearance. This habit speeds up aging. Sugar molecules initiate a biochemical process which makes you look tired, puffy and wrinkled. Let’s not forget that constantly giving up into temptation can also result in loss of confidence and self-trust.

Having a consistently healthy diet will help you achieve what you want leading to a happier and youthful future.

2.Skimping on sleep

Scientific studies show that sleeping regularly less than 7 hours can shorten your life. It will also make you feel and look a lot older. This also robs you of the physical and mental energy that you need throughout the day.

Skimping Sleep

Failing to get enough sleep is hard on your body including your vital organs like the brain and heart. The healing and rejuvenation process that occurs during sleep is important for you to function at an optimum level.

3.The way you sleep

Sleeping with your face smash on a pillow will make you look a lot older. This habit speeds up aging. Persistently pressing your face into a pillow causes trauma to the skin.

The way you sleep

Overtime as collagen breaks down. This trauma caused by the pillow in your face will cause creases that will make you a lot older.

The facial rejuvenation can’t also occur if blood vessels in your face are occluded due to the trauma of the pillow.

To fix this problem try sleeping in your back or use a silk pillowcase because it will minimize friction.

4.Crash Dieting

Who doesn’t want to lose immediately those pounds before going on a vacation? While a quick fix is tempting. Crash dieting is never a good idea. It’s not a long -term solution.

Crash dieting

In fact, it may be a long-term threat. Research shows that crash dieting will make you feel older. Eventually, it reduces your energy levels and messes with your concentration.  It also makes you depress and irritable.

Crash dieting can also cause wrinkles and sagging because the skin wasn’t given enough time to adjust to the weight loss.

5. Exercising only to lose weight

If your exercise plan only starts at every January 1st and last until you were able to fit back in your jeans, you are tricking yourself.

 Exercise just to lose weigt

Many studies show that regular exercise prolongs life and makes you look a lot younger. Your body produces endorphins during exercise that will make you feel good about your self.

Exercise improves mood, lowers blood pressure and decreases cortisol in our body. It is important to feel pleasure in moving your body not just aiming to lose weight.

Enjoy the rush of blood, sweat, and endorphins that come along with it.

6. Not taking time for yourself

When was the last time you took time for yourself? Perhaps an evening or even just an hour. While this sounds impossible to many of us.

Taking time for self

The fact is no one going to make time for you. It is something you must do for yourself. Not taking time for yourself is one of the habits that speeds up aging.

We age not by years but by our stories.

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