Snail Slime

Beauty products made of SNAIL SLIME!

Snail Slime, how was it use to produce beauty products? This critter came from a garden dwelling to French cuisine escargot and now for beauty products!

There is something slimy going on in the cosmetic industry. Snail based products are beginning to pop up everywhere.

Slow and slimy wins the face. Snails love their own slime. It is actually their mucus. 

It helps them to resist gravity and aids them to move in a snail pace. Now humans love Snail slime due to its ultra-rich property. This began a thousand years ago when ancient Romans made snail to roam around their faces.


No more redness, wrinkles, and dryness for the face of our ancestor. This became a traditional beauty regimen for the old folks.

Other people eat snail to improve bowel movement. Yes, you heard it right for a bowel movement. But let’s go back to the beauty products.

Unfortunately, before people need to kill snails just to extract its slime. Now, they developed a machine that could extract the slimy substance without harming the snail.

Snails secrete slimes for three reasons: to move, out of stress and for pleasure.

Snail Slime Extraction

After munching for several months snails on leaves of plants they are pluck individually and transferred manually to a wooden crate.

Then, the snails are washed and put on the slime extraction machine. The machine is called a spa for snails because they are sprayed a substance to pleasure them and makes them increase the production of their slimes.

In about an hour the machine can extract up to 3 kilos of slime.

To continue, after extraction it is then dehydrated, rehydrated and then refined to be used in cosmetics. Some directly used the substance. Others use it as a raw material to produce other beauty products like mask and creams.

K beauty is one of the rising beauty products that is known to use unusual substances to maintain beauty. They are well known for their mask and creams that contain snail slime.

K beauty

Although Koreans are the famous folks to start this craze. Chileans are actually the first to incorporate snail slime on beauty products.

They noticed how smooth their hands become after handling snail. So, they decided to incorporate snail slime to a cream Elicin.

Beyond the moisturizing effects, studies have emerged that it is also an effective anti-aging.  Celebrities and social media influencers are now joining to make this a habit and improving their skin.

Snail on face

Benefits of Snail Slime

  1. Smoothing sunspots
  2. Smoothing out creases and wrinkles
  3. Halting acne
  4. Promotes collagen production in the skin.
  5. Aid in healing of inflammation
  6. Wound healing properties

To summarize, snail slime differs in every region. The component of snail slime is different from the environment where it came from. So, make sure to read the packaging of every product that you want to use.

They might contain snail slime, but there are other products that are incorporated. Without knowing or doing proper research this might harm your skin. Be a responsible product user.


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