5 Ways to know if your dog loves you.

Dogs are not our whole life. But they make our lives whole.

We all want our dogs to love us. Whether we bought them as a puppy, given to us or rescued from the streets.

We fall in love with them immediately. In addition, we want to show them affection and love for the rest of their lives. Since the average life-span of dogs is only 10-13 years.

It is taken as a given that our dog will love us back. But, how do we know if our dog really loves us?

Since he can’t open his mouth and tell you that he or she loves you. Yes, you can. In order to tell that your dog really loves you here is the list below:

How to tell if your dog loves you

#1 Your dog cuddles up with you

If your dog wants to get physical contact with you and gets on the sofa to cuddle with you. He wants to be near you and consider you as a friend.

Dog Cuddles

Dogs can be independent but they want affection too in one form or another. Whether its a simple scratch or pat on the back. It makes them feel at ease and loved.

You are one of your dog’s main priority. So, give him lots of attention. Let him know that you feel the same way too.

#2 Your dog does or would love to sleep on your bed.

So, you think that your dog wants to sleep on your bed because it’s comfortable than his right? Well, that might be partially true.

Dog sleeping on bed

Expert says that dogs want to sleep in the owner’s bed because of the Canine pack mentality.

A dog usually sleeps with its pack. If you are loved by your dog he wants to sleep next to you. Although, it will be tuff if you have a hairy furry friend.

Let your dog sleep close to you because its a sign of love.

#3 Your dog is comfortable when you leave the house

Although oftentimes think that our dogs are going crazy after we leave the house, thin again. If your dog is concerned when you leave the house barks or runs around.

Confortable dog

It could be a sign that he is worried that you are living him. This is a common trait in rescue dogs that had been abandon. Eventually, they will calm down after instances of you coming home.

If your dog is nonchalant or chills when you leave the house. He’s confident that you will return later on the day. And loves you enough and trust that you will.

4# Your dog goes crazy when you come home from work

On the other hand, your dog will always be all over you. This is a positive sign. We’ve all seen that videos people coming back home from work or a long trip and their dog is overjoyed of their return.

Dog with lady

A dog that barks run and acts generally excited absolutely loves you. There is so much to catch up on. He can’t wait for a walk or spend the evening together.

5# Your dog is playful and even rough with you

Your dog wants to play and is roudy when you are together. Of course, there is a difference between an aggressive and playful dog. Make sure to know the sign first. Most of us know our dogs well.

Dog is playful

If he goes crazy over the house and wants to play with you or chases you in the park. Chances are he loves you a lot. Dogs are pack animals and tend to test the patience of their pack member.

You are loved by your dog if he considers you to be in the pack. Make sure to play and run around with your dog a lot. But don’t reward bad behavior such as nipping cause your dog can get overly excited and doesn’t know how to draw the line.




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