5 Things that your Hands can reveal about your Health

Hands are the first body part to show the signs of aging. But they can also indicate certain health problems.

Hand symptoms can tell you the status of your body.

Hands are the first body part to show the signs of aging. But they can also indicate certain health problems.

Doctors are sure that the condition of your hand may result in medical changes going elsewhere in your body.

Symptoms you should pay attention to


The doctor explained that red palms or palmar erythema can be a sign of Liver problems especially if you are 50 years old. Usually, the redness is located on the outer edges or the heel of the palm.

Red hands, Palmar erythema


However, in some extreme cases, it can go up to the fingers. At first sight, this redness looks like a rash and if you press on that area it turns pale. This condition or redness is not harmful on its own, but it clearly indicates other health problems.

One of the possible reason for red palms is the hormonal imbalance which causes blood vessel dilation. That’s why a pregnant woman may suffer from this condition.

Rheumatoid Arthritis can also be a cause of the redness of palms. But the common reason for palmar erythema are liver diseases such as Cirrhosis or Wilson’s Disease.

If you see red spots on your hand you should get medical advice to further evaluate the condition.

Meanwhile, try to switch to a healthy diet and lower your alcohol intake.


There are a possible reason for sweaty palms. Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating which runs in the family. Stress, overactive thyroid, and excessive alcohol drinking can also lead to having sweaty palms

Sweaty palms

In cases of Hyperhidrosis, you can use antiperspirant or undergo a medical procedure to correct it.

Limit your alcohol intake and learn to manage your stress level. Meditation like simply doing inhale and exhale will help you deal with unpleasant situations.

If nothing seems to work you should definitely make an appointment with your doctor.


Sometimes you wake up feeling like you lose sensitivity on some parts of your body. And when you move you start tingling.

Tingling hands

Usually, it happens when you have been pressing the sensory nerve for so long. The tingling sensation lasts for a period of time but it still goes back to work normally.

However, symptoms on your hand can be a serious sign of an underlying medical condition. Medical condition such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Venous thrombosis of the limb, brachial plexus injury, anemia, and Diabetes.


The most common reason for dry skin o the hand is dehydration, an underactive thyroid, the deficiency of essential fatty acids or estrogen deficiency which goes hand in hand with menopause.

Dry hands

To avoid dehydration drink enough water or use moisturizing hand creams. To aid with the lack of fatty acids in your body add oily fish and nuts in your diet.


It may seem shocking but ET or Essential tremor is a big problem for 4% of an adult after the age 40. This condition can make life unbearable because trembling interferes with everything you do like from drinking from a glass and writing information.

Trembling hands

It’s known that shaking hands are symptoms of serious problems like Parkinson’s disease but there may be causes as well. Overactive thyroid and stress can also cause trembling of the hands.

However, the most common reason is a high intake of caffeinated drinks like coffee and energy drinks.

Hand symptoms are easy to detect so you should be able to evaluate yourself anytime.

If you have some concern go and get medical advice from your doctor. In the meantime, limit the amount of coffee and energy drinks that you are taking and check the results.


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