Beauty Standards around the World

There are no certainly absolute standards in beauty. That precisely makes its pursuit interesting.

Beauty standards change many times throughout human history. The beauty that we’ve seen in the middle ages today’s a little look strange.

There are a lot of beauty contest and pageants that gauge the beauty of every individual. We have the Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss International. Those are the few contests that showcased international beauties.

Now even a few people think that even the 21st century the beauty differs from different countries through the world. We will try to analyze the standards of beauty from different countries.

Some beauty may seem a little unusual to you while others will really surprise you.

Let’s get it on!

Beauty around the World


In western countries, a perfect smile is associated with the symmetric features of the teeth and face. To get this uniform effect person use braces to align the teeth. And they waited stubbornly for years to correct the issue.

Yaeba Japanese

But, in Japan, this situation is very different. They have a concept known as Yaeba. It means uneven teeth. In particular protruding upper canine. And the Japanese consider this physical feature cute. They said that crooked teeth add allure to the person and gives her a little something.

For the popularity of Yaeba. Japanese doesn’t want to correct this and let nature take its course. If they have braces they usually wear them inside for it not to show.

2. Iran

According to statistics, Iran has the highest percentage of nose job around the world. This is partly due to the countries tradition which demands women to only show their face. Of course, they want there faces to be perfect.

Nose Job

Even with the high cost of surgery about $2,500 that doesn’t stop anyone. But it’s not just about pursuing beauty. For a while, a nose job for men and women in Iran is also an indicator of wealth and social status.

Nose jobs are popular and common amongst young women in Iran. It’s almost a badge of honor to have show the bandages.

Surgery is so desirable that many patients wear bandages long after the surgery for recovery. Just to show that they’ve already undergone the procedure and was able to pay for it.

Some might stick a fake bandage on their nose even though they haven’t undergone the surgery.

3. Tajikistan

Since ancient Roman Greece. Having a unibrow is praised by poets. It was believed that a woman with that characteristic is unusually beautiful and desired by all men. That was a long time ago. But, these brows are long been considered standards of beauty.


Only a few generations ago the close the space between the eyebrows the closer be her husband towards her.

Even today unibrow is still considered a standard of beauty. If a woman was not given a unibrow she paints it on herself to look good.

Moreover, the locals consider unibrow as a symbol of luck and longevity. It also symbolizes purity among women.

4. South Korea

In South Korea, Plastic Surgery is not only widespread. It’s absolutely considered a normal thing. In the largest city, there are a lot of posters advertising different types of surgery and clinic that perform Plastic Surgery to make anyone beautiful.


According to statistics 1 in every 5 female ages from 19 to 29 at least had one surgery. South Korea has the most strict beauty standards.

The most important thing is the shape of the face.

The face of a really beautiful Korean should have a  heart. A wide forehead and a smaller jawline. To achieve perfect appearance man Koreans undergone a lot of surgery to look great.

5. Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea as well as some other African countries they have a tradition of scarring the body.

In women scaring proves the patent of their beauty. There ability to marry also depends on the scar. During the scaring ritual, both man and woman should not show any emotion to prove their courage.

By looking at the scar you can tell the age and social status on an individual.

6. Mauritania

In most of the countries, they said the thinner a girl is the more attractive she is. However, this is not the case in Mauritania where it believed that a woman beauty depends on her wide body.


Mauritania WomanWoman follows a strict diet to prepare them before marriage.  They eat a lot and take a medication just to gain weight.

Woman do this because the extra pound makes them attractive to men.

7. China

In many countries, including China and Thailand. Pale skin is considered a true beauty. Even before a beautiful woman was described with fairer skin.

Light skinned Chinese



Most of the beauty products sold in the market contain a whitening agent. Skin color in Asia is directly related to Social Class. If the person is dark then the person works in a field and therefore is poor.

8. Myanmar

In the highland of South East Asia, the interesting Kayan Tribe uses Neck Rings to enhance beauty.

Namibia Namibia

Girls wear brass rings on their neck from the age of five. A number of the ring increases each year. The woman’s neck is stretch.

What do you think about the Standards of Beauty.?

There are no certainly absolute standards in beauty. That precisely makes its pursuit interesting.


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