Kylie Jenner and Travis

Kylie Jenner went BIG and gifted Travis Scott a Billboard for his Birthday

Kylie Jenner gifted the father of her child Travis Scott a Big Billboard and dressed as Marvel Heroes to celebrate his birthday.

Travis Scott’s Birthday will be on April 30, but Kylie Jenner didn’t stop from surprising her hubby.

In Los Angeles, California a big billboard towered the street to announce the Birthday of Travis Scott with a big picture of their daughter Stormi. The caption says ” Happy Birthday Daddy Love Mommy and Stormi XO.

Kylie Billboard with Birthday Greeting

If you recall, Kylie came from a whirlwind relationship with rapper Tyga. Tyga had already a baby from stripper Black Chyna.

The family was friends with the couple Blac Chyna and Tyga until rumor surfaced that Kylie Jenner who is only 16yrs at the time is already dating the rapper, Tyga.

They denied it at first. But eventually, after Kylie Jenner turned 18 they admitted the relationship.  It was a big buzz back then.

A few months later there are speculations that Kylie’s brother Rob Kardashian is also dating Blac Chyna the baby mama of Tyga’s son.

Blac Chyna

The relationship of Black Chyna and Rob was not accepted at first because they thought that Chyna is just using the relationship to get back with her ex Tyga.

The momager Kris Jenner already made a deal with E! regarding the reality TV show for the new couple. Rob & Chyna was a hit but unfortunately, it didn’t continue since both split up after a year in the relationship.

Rumors of infidelity are the reason why Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna split. Roba and Chyna had a daughter and they called them Dream.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga

Let’s go back to the relationship of Kylie Jenner and Tyga. Kylie has been very supportive of Tyga’s career. He is a rapper and a songwriter.

Kylie is already a businesswoman and she earns a lot more than Tyga. Allegedly their relationship ended due to stress coming from the Kardashian Clan. Tyga is a famous rapper but he is not making ends meet anymore.

He still needs to support his son from Blac Chyna but he doesn’t have any hit music lately. Hollywood reporters and TMZ reported that some of the cars owned by Tyga were already pulled out because he wasn’t able to pay.

The breakup was also nasty between the two. It was talked about on social media and there a lot of speculation surrounding the break-up.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Weeks after the break up of Kylie Jenner and rapper Tyga, a new rumor started that Kylie already moved on and was dating a new rapper named Travis Scott.

The rapper/ producer is known for his songs like Sicko Mode feat. Drake.

A few months from the relationship Kylie Jenner got pregnant. There are speculations that the child was Tyga’s.

Fast forward today everything worked out for the better. Kylie was named by Forbes as the youngest American who became a billionaire.

Travis and Kylie

Travis and Kylie
Kyli and Stormi
Stormi and Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are still together. They don’t want to rush things. Even though they had a daughter they still remained as boyfriend and girlfriend.

In celebration of the Avengers End Game and Travis Birthday, they decided to dress as the Marvel Heroes.

Kylie End GameKylie End GameKylie End Game






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