Ruffa Gutierrez daughter Lorin Bektas blossomed into a beauty

The Blossoming Beauty of Lorin Gabriella Bektas. Witness her transformation.

Ruffa Gutierez is a Filipino model, Beauty Queen, and Actress. She was 2nd-runner up for Miss World in 1993. Beauty is power, a smile is its sword. Beauty comes with a price.

The Beauty of Ruffa Gutierrez came from her famous Gutierrez Clan. The actress-model was reported to have two failed marriages from Yilmaz Bektas (2003-2012) and Richard Daloia (1999-2000)

Yilmaz and Ruffa have two children during their marriage named Lorin Gabriella Bektas and Venice Bektas. They had an extravagant wedding and reported to have a grand mansion in Istanbul.

The marriage failed due to domestic and physical abuse that was denied both by the family but was Ruffa Gutierrez confirmed it later on.

For the longest time, Ruffa has been out of the limelight. The family tried to reinvent their brand by joining the bandwagon of reality television. Unfortunately their TV show It takes Guts to be a Gutierrez didn’t make the cut.

It showcased the unusual family dynamics and lives of every Gutierrez Family. The most controversial episode was when Richard Gutierrez one of the twins brought home his son Zion to the Philippines. His girlfriend at the time is Sarah Lahbati a new actress who got pregnant while filming her TV series.

Lorin Gabriella Bektas @loringabriella

Moreover, let’s focus our attention on the blossoming beauty of Lorin Gabriella Bektas. The model-actress first born grew to be a fine and beautiful lady.

We’ve watched Lorin throughout the years.  Even though, she is not fully on the limelight we have seen her on commercials and ads.

Social media is the main platform that updates us about her life. She didn’t get the face of the Gutierrez Clan but she certainly got her looks from her dad. Her subtle exotic look makes her stand out.

Everyone has beauty but not everyone sees it and the most beautiful thing that you can wear is confidence.

It’s funny how we associate celebrity kids with their famous parents all the time. In today’s time, anyone can be anybody. The picture above is Lorin and Venice when they were cute kids.

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. Lorin showed confidence in her Instagram post.

Lorin Bektas
Lorin Bektas

Sporting comfortable and fashionable clothes. Gives her a youthful vibe like any other millennials showcased.

Summer is here and we have a few summer looks that you can rock courtesy @loringabriella.

Lorin Bektas is one of the blossoming beauties that we need to watch out. Her confidence and allure radiate.

Lorin Bektas

Lorin Bektas

Summer feels for this beautiful young lady. Living a life with no worries. She is enjoying every bit of her teenage life.

Her developing curves is preparing her to be a woman. Undoubtedly, Lorin Bektas is growing to be a beautiful woman.

Seeing her blossom gracefully is evident. The limelight will call her in due time. When that time comes we will be ready for you.

Finally, don’t rush everything. Enjoy every milestone in your life. On the contrary, don’t follow the norm. Each stage of your life will teach you to appreciate simple things. In addition, savor the sweetness as well as the bitterness of life.

The future belongs to the beauty of their dreams.


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