Unexpected Facts about a Butterly

Live Life like a butterfly. Take a rest but never forget to fly.
Stages of butterfly
Butterfly Stages

Unexpected facts about a butterfly. These beautiful creatures remind us that there is beauty in change. Life is just a stage. Firsts, You start to crawl and then you went to a plateau stage. with everything that you do. In the end, you will emerge as a butterfly ready to squander the world’s beauty.

All of that is just a stage that we need to go through, to become the person that we really are inside. It is a painful process but it’s still worth the wait. The butterfly is a symbol of Beauty, peace, and serenity.

Its beauty never ceases to amaze us. There was a story about a man and a butterfly. A man saw a beautiful butterfly caged on a cocoon and struggling to get out.

Seeing the struggle, the man decided to help the butterfly and slowly remove the hardened coverings of the cocoon. After a while, the butterfly was able to get out and sat on the twig where his cocoon attached.

A few hours later the man noticed that the butterfly just remained on the same corner. It tries to fly but unfortunately, it can’t.

Saddened by what he witnessed, the man decided to get the butterfly and put it in a jar for it to be safe.

The man’s kind action turned into an unfortunate event. Butterflies needed to free themselves because of each movement and efforts that they make to escape the cocoon is life’s way of getting rid of the fluids from their wings.

Those accumulated fluids hinder them from using their wings to fly. So, in life suffering and struggles are needed for us to be transformed and fly to the path where we belong.

Butterfly Facts

  1. Butterflies are insects.
  2. Butterflies life-cycle is in four stages. Egg, Larva, Pupa, and Adult.
  3. Butterflies attach their eggs on plants using a special glue.
  4. Most caterpillars are herbivores or plant eaters.
  5. Fully Grown caterpillars attached themselves to strong and suitable leaves or twigs to shed their skin and reveal the hard layer called chrysalis
  6. The adult butterfly will emerge from its chrysalis and wait for a few hours for the blood to pump on its wings.
  7. The average life span of a butterfly is a week to a year depending on the species.
  8. Butterflies have four wings
  9. Butterflies have taste receptors on their feet.
  10. There are 15000 to 20000 species of butterflies around the world
  11. Monarch butterflies migrate and travel up to 4000 km each year



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