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Lipsticks are a Girls Best-friend

Lipsticks are a girls best-friend. Beauty to me is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red Lipstick.

Modern woman uses lipstick to enhance beauty. We are on a time where colors and textures of Lipsticks are available anywhere. You have a lot to choose from.

In addition, different shades emit different emotion from the people that sees it every day or from a complete stranger. Manilyn Monroe sang a song that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I totally disagree. Different shades of lipstick is a form of self-expression

Diamonds might be forever, but women from every walk of life love lipstick more than anything. This is one of the essential product that a woman needs to be in her purse.

A lipstick symbolizes a woman’s transition from being a girl to adulthood. We have seen our mother put some lipstick from our childhood. We oftentimes play with it a lot. Experimenting on how to put the lipstick correctly.

Furthermore, lipstick serves as a gateway to enjoy our childhood. Painting our faces like clowns, use it as crayon for your drawings. And… do you remember when you painted lipstick on your smaller sibling?

We chose them as a canvass because they can’t tell mom that we did it to them.No one will believe them. Blaming them was our excuse for us to be off the hook.

Lipsticks are a girls best-friend indeed. We use lipstick to fulfill our own fantasy. A different shade of Lipstick magically change us to the

Lipstick Facts

  1. Lipstick use can be traced back in 5000 B.C
  2. In ancient Greece, it is viewed that using lipstick is scandalous. Only Sex workers use lipsticks
  3. Queen Elizabeth Invented the Lip pencil
  4. Both man and woman wore Lipstick in Ancient Egypt
  5. England in 1500 believed that lipstick has magical power
  6. Cleopatra used crushed beetles and use it as a lipstick
  7. “kiss of death” is commonly associated with lipstick. It was believed that some old civilization uses poison to make lipstick.
  8. European Middle Ages considered wearing lipstick as a sign of worshipping the devil.
  9. Studies have shown that sales of Lipstick rise during the gloomy and rainy season.
  10. The most expensive lipstick in the world is called Guerlain’s Kisskiss Diamond which retails for $62,000.

Lipsticks for the last time are a girl’s best friend. It serves as a confidence booster. Wearing the right shade will make your pop from the group.

Just putting one on changes your mood. There are colors that make you look youthful. Red ones are a classic color that for a right wearer it looks sophisticated.

Whatever you choose from. Lipstick still symbolizes woman independence. Find a shade that can you like or experiment from many choices. Don’t cage yourself from just one shade. Try them all.

You will soon realize that it’s not just a lipstick. It will serve as your best-friend through your gloomy and exciting life.


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