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Orange: An Overrated Fruit with lots of Benefits

Orange is an overrated fruit. A tropical fruit with lots of benefits but we often take it for granted. Obviously, there are a lot of products today that are highly processed to produce artificial juice, medicines and beauty products.

Oranges can be eaten raw or some Chef uses it to add flavors to their dishes. Some have higher juice content. Others are sweet and bitter. The differences between doesn’t matter when it comes to its benefits.

Oranges produce more juice when in a warmer climate.Rolling the orange on your palm or on a flat surface helps extract the juice from the fruit.

The overrated orange symbolizes health and promotes good well-being. Here are the benefits of eating oranges.

The Benefits of Orange

  1. Excellent source of Vitamin C
  2. Boost immune system
  3. Prevents skin damage
  4. Anti-oxidant
  5. Keeps blood pressure under check
  6. Lowers cholesterol
  7. Controls blood sugar level
  8. Lower the risk of all types of Cancer
  9. Good eye health
  10. Safeguard against constipation

There are two types of oranges. The Sweet oranges and the Bitter oranges.

Sweet Orange Varieties

  1. Common Orange
  2. Blood or Pigmented Orange
  3. Navel Orange
  4. Acid-less orange
  5. Satsuma
  6. Tangerine Clementine

Bitter Orange Varieties

  1. Seville Orange
  2. Bergamot Orange
  3. Trifoliate Orange
  4. Naruto and Sanbo of Japan
  5. Kitchli of India
  6. Nanshodaidai of Taiwan

Orange was at first introduced to us as rich color. It’s one of the secondary color that we love to play as kids. The clay that we mushed usually has this vibrant color that mostly catches our attention.

It is assumed that orange came from Southern China, North Eastern India or Southeastern Asia. It was carried to the Mediterranean area by possibly Italian traders after 1450.

Parts of Orange

  • Wall
  • Exocarp
  • Endocarp
  • Albedo
  • Juice Sac
  • Rind
  • Flower Stalk (pedicel)
Parts of Orange
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Orange Trivia

  • The Orange capital of the world is Brazil
  • Oranges are not wild
  • Peels of Orange can be used to make candies and tea
  • The orange is technically a hesperidum a type of berry

There are a lot of benefits that we can get from oranges. Consequently, we oftentimes chose to take vitamin C pills to improve our immune system. But, oranges are more beneficial.

By eating the fruit you will get the vitamins and minerals that your body need with added fiber to ease digestion.

The pills that you take will go through your body to be metabolized. So, not all of the milligrams from the pill will go entirely to your body. Your liver and kidneys need to work to extract the vitamins.

On the other hand, by eating the fresh orange fruit you’ll get immediately the vitamins that you need.

Benefits of Oranges as fruit is never-ending. We have our future to discover more the things that it could do for us. So, take care of our oranges. Choose fresh compared to processed product.


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