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A Real Life Superhero: The Real Superman

A real superhero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles

A real superhero that is how he called him “Bernie the Superhero”. Superman is an iconic superhero with a red cape, blue costume and the letter “S” on his chest.

Most of us will agree that Superman is the epitome of a perfect man. This guy is not only kind, but he is also compassionate. He posses the looks and the body that most women adore.

Superman in the movie depicts a powerful man who rescues those who are in need with his superpowers. It’s a bird, its a plane, its Superman Dad Bernie.

Young and old they still react to his charisma. Oftentimes, Superman uses his out of this world power to fight for what he believes in. Kryptonite is his only weakness. Other than that, Superman is invincible.

Due to Superman’s influences, some of the people nowadays want to follow his footsteps. Since they could not copy his powers most of them went to science to change their looks based on the movie icons that once acted as Superman.

I do believe that superman is more than the looks.A real Superhero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacle. A hero does good for good and not for the glory.

A picture can tell a story. But there‚Äôs more than to it than meets the eye. This man in a Superman T-shirt barefoot while holding his daughter’s hand is going to the stage for the moving up ceremony. He has a backpack and his daughter is clad with a borrowed white toga.

The viral photo captured the hearts of the netizens. In addition, It depicted how this father did his best just to attend the moving up ceremony of his daughter.

The ceremony was held far from their home but they managed to attend. The happiness in the picture is priceless. A father who would give anything just to see her daughter move up to the next level. Taking her first step in achieving her dream.

They are a member of a Mangyan Tribe from Mindoro Philippines. Life to them is simple. They live on the top of the mountain with their fellow tribes.

Their house is a two-hour walk away from the school where the ceremony was held. They need to cross thirty times the river barefoot.

The graveled and slippery road serves a way for the tribes to bring their products to the place where they could sell them.

Bernie is a typical Mangyan Tribe. They don’t own any TV’s or gadgets. Nature is their playground. Without an education, they mostly lived through physical hard-work.

Most of the houses from their tribe use wood to build a small shack. Farming and going to the forest to collect foods is their main source to live day by day. They gather anything that they can find from the forest and sells them at a cheaper price. Some reported to bring 70kg of banana and just sold it for $.25 or twenty-five cents.

A real superhero this is how I see Bernie. Consequently, a hero that uses what he got to share his love towards family members and the people around them. They might be destitute due to lack of money. But they are rich with love and hope in the future.

This father proved that love can be shown in different forms. You can touch someone’s lie by simply acting genuinely. We are much stronger than we think we are. Your hard job is the dream of an unemployed. And your annoying child is the dream of an infertile. Finally, your small home is the dream of the homeless.

Learn to appreciate the things that you have.


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