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Life is too short for long-term grudges

Life is too short to hold a long-term grudge. The grudge that you keep will burn you alive. Moreover, the fire of hatred fuels us to do the unthinkable. Like everybody else, we nurture the hatred towards others.

The act that they did many years ago still lingers in your heart. In addition, memories oftentimes are fresh. The wound that cuts your inner being is still open. It’s gaping with memories of sorrow and sadness.

We hold on to that hatred because of many things. Such as never able to move forward. It gives us a reason to prove them wrong.

Holding on sometimes gives us a way to develop ourselves. You have an option to channel the negative memories towards success or to beat yourself up over and over.

The Grudge

The memory of defeat from others reminds us our weakness. For one thing weakness oftentimes limits us from doing something or achieving our goals.

Remind yourself always not to dwell on the things that you can’t control. Keep moving forward. Your past will not define you if you let it. Be strong and never back down.

Kindling the fire will take time from the life that you are suppose to live. Do not let it control your happiness. 

Holding to a grudge will never do you good. Forgive them and especially forgive yourself from the things and decision that you did in the past.

Let your present be the testimony to what you have become. Have a fresh start and just move on.

It burns you more than him

Your mind is powerful. It can do a lot of crazy things. Your thought will become an action and soon it will eat you up like a fire burning a house. 

Your energy is too focus on the things that don’t matter. Your enemy might have moved on from it, but you still hold on to the hatred.

Look at the positive side. Focus your thoughts on the things and people that truly cares for you. In other words surround yourself with this kind of people. They will help you move on.

If you think positively you will attract positive vibes. People around you will soon realize that you radiate a special energy. An energy that lights a dark path. 

You will Learn to move on

Simply trust that you will learn to move on. Time will heal all wounds. Give yourself a break. Remove the hatred from your heart and you’ll have peace of mind.

Peace of mind will bring happiness to your life. Moreover, it gives you a way to think more clearly and focus on the things that are important.

Grudge towards people will never be an escape from the past that wounded your soul. Letting go is the only way for you to live.

Remember the fire that you kindle for your enemy burns you more than them. Live a happy life. Life is too short for you to hold on.

Grudges are for those who insist that they are owed something. However, forgiveness is for those who are substantial enough to move on.


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