When it rains it pours: It drains all of your energy

Trouble Falls like rain. Lately it's been pouring.

When it rains it pours. Life has a way of telling us that not all the time its roses and butterflies. When you think you are already out of the woods…..think again.

You will circumvent back to the time where you felt like shit. “Things happen for a reason” that’s what I tell myself all the time. When problems come, they come in hoards. They beat you down little by little. Sometimes, taking a step back is all you need to gain strength

The glimpse of hope is so far for me to see. Your marriage is not working. Family reminds you that you need to support them. Have you ever felt like the world is on your shoulder? Like everybody else puts you down and doesn’t have a bit of confidence from you.

Even your own spouse makes you feel worthless. Am I a piece of shit? 

When it rains

I’m in a place and time where everything doesn’t jive. All of the things that I attempted to do digs me to a deeper hole that I’m afraid I can’t go through. When it rains it really pours. The pouring out of sorrow seems endless.

Is this a test of time? What should I do? I just felt helpless. There’s nothing that I can do. The suffering and sorrow that I felt is tremendous. This the life that I chose. I should’t complain about it. 

I let myself go. Taking care of myself is not existent these days. Life please give me a reason to fight. Give me the courage to surpass this chapter in my life.

When it pours 

Life is kicking me on my balls. The things that I have did in the past piled up and it hunts me today. I could never forgive myself. The pouring trials that I’m struggling with right now is beyond words. I don’t want to  let those people down. But I’m letting myself down in the process.

Putting a mask of happiness seems to work for sometime. Right now I just need comfort. I need a shoulder to cry on. My pouring eyes is a result of thins sorrow. I felt defeated. 

Sadness plus sorrow

I felt vulnerable today. Everything that I’ve done so far is still not enough to reach my aspirations in life. I found a home but time won’t allow me to stay. This time I’ll be doing it differently.

Circling through this journey called life exhausts me. I need to distance myself from the people that suck the life out of me. This time is all I need to regain my strength and focus on the things that matters most.


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