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Life is Uncertain and your time is Limited

Life is uncertain. Never say that would happen to me. Life has a funny way of proving us wrong.

Life is definitely uncertain. No one can predict the future for sure. Not to mention, the world that we live in is full uncertainties. You can’t live forever. Make everyday count. Live the life that you always want to be.

If you want something go for it. No one will stop you. You are the limitation of what’s next. The what if’s that you ask should be what happened. The world is your stage. Make the most out of it. You are here to perform the life that you can only portray.

Don’t question or over analyse the situation. If you commit a mistake, so what? No one should tell you how you can live your life.

Life is uncertain

You might just walking on the street and encountered an accident. Some tripped on the floor and cracked their head open. This are the uncertain situations in our life: Sickness, Accident and Death.

If you are faced with this delimas you’ll have a limited choice or no choice at all. A death of a significant other will definitely shook us to the core. Whatever happens we need to be prepared all the time. 

Besides the uncertainties of life we faced different struggles everyday that we tend to forget that we don’t hold the future. If we dwell so much on the pain we will not move on through life. 

Every step that we take will serve as a pathway of experience. This experience will mold us to be a better person. 

Your Time is limited

Moreover our life here on earth is limited. No one lives forever. Every plants, animal especially human has an average lifespan. For one thing our time is getting shorter and shorter. 

We are an a world that modernisation cuts off the years from it’s people. Our own invention is also out own death trap.  Plastics and smog are polluting our home. 

In return mother natures gives us huge weather disturbance. Cyclones, Typhoons contributes to death of the race.

Much less processed foods that are available instantly creates those Lifestyle diseases that cuts off years to life. 

We are still the source of our own sorrows. Count your years. Make sure that you add life to years but not years to life. 

In contrast it’s still better to enjoy life as it it. Life on years is how fulfilled you are living your life. Our time is limited but it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy.

Delay Gratification

Modern technology creates new invention and innovation everyday. We can still enjoy life without burdening ourself to death. 

Due to social media we became aware of our surrounding. Our horizon widened. There is so much to explore. Sometimes we overindulge ourself to the things that aren’t fit for us.

Money is a thing that makes us emotional most of the time. We worked for it just to spend it carelessly. You have a choice. To e a steward of yourself or be buried with deaths. 

Indulging yourself with latest trends of clothes and new gadgets is not bad. As long as you can afford it and its within your means. If you think this things will only give you temporary happiness then delay the gratification.

Save up for the dream car or phone that you need. Delaying will not lose its value. It will just let you be patient and fully enjoy the things that you worked hard for.

Sustainable Life

Live a life that is sustainable for you , your family and the environment. Self sustenance is a crucial way to get though and advance in life. 

Make every choice like its your last. You will find your purpose. Sustaining how you live will both benefit you and people around you. It will create a ripple effect that could change their perspective in life.

Remember life is uncertain and our time is limited. 


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