The Beauty of Life

The Beauty of Life: I look for the good things

Life and its beauty is a complex adventure. It is difficult to define. The Life that we live today is the evolution of our skills and ability through time.

There are some days that we feel like we can do anything. The world is on our shoulder sometimes.

Most of time, the days kind of plateau. The daily activities burden us not because it’s tiring. It burdens us because it is a repetitive act.  We do the same things everyday that we lose the luster of Life’s Beauty.

Similarly we compare ourselves to celebrities and eye catching image of every person on social media. Life is a gift and we need to celebrate it. Waking up with absence of illness is a present that we need to thank for. 

The Beauty of life

Busy days come and go. We might go through problems in life today and will not appreciate the beauty that it gives us. 

What are the things that colors our life? More importantly life gives us an opportunity to develop ourselves. Besides, life without problems is a dull one.

Particularly, we murmur oftentimes on the uncontrolled circumstances that come our way. Waking up in the wrong side of the bed seems to be an excuse for us to justify our actions.

Sorrows, pains and suffering are life’s way to let us feel that we are alive. Struggling through this will make us a better person. 

Life with Pretensions

Each of us might know someone who pretends all the time. The struggle is real. We developed defense mechanism that allow us to mask or divert the pain the life throws at us.

Pretending to be somebody will ultimately destroy you. There’s a fine line between pretending and assuming. If you are hurt inside let them know or cry your heart out. It will lighten the burden.

Don’t hold on something that makes your burden bigger. Pretension destroy your inner peace. Inner peace is the ultimate weapon in living a beautiful Life. 

Life and its Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It could be associated in different things. Looking at someone or something can still evoke a beauty depending on how you view it. 

We can focus ourselves into a beauty of every moment. It will spark our eyes to see things differently. From the street dweller to the richest man in wall street. There are still beauty in them. A beauty that allows us to see ourselves and be in their shoes. 

Life of other people gives us determination to strive hard and reach our aspirations. The mishaps and success of others will serve as a rudder for the path that we wish to take.

Life will never be easy

As we grow old we discover that after solving a problem another bigger problem will come. Life is never easy. Even to those who had wealth and fame. The life that you live in is unique. You are the only one who can do it.

The bigger and powerful we are the bigger our problems. Daydreaming is common way to escape reality. There is that what if moment that we dwell on. What if I’m this rich person? How will I spend my wealth? 

Daydreaming helps us to soothe our nerves especially if we are stress. It’s an aspect of our thinking that allows us to imagine things that could happen. 

This phenomenon also produces happy hormones we called endorphins. So, technically daydreaming can do good for us. Remember this, Life will never be easy. You just need appreciate the struggles and live through it. 

Life can be Rewarding

At the end of the day we are still people who wants comfort and love. We strive so hard to achieve it that we forget to relax and unwind sometime. 

Stress put’s our body to defence mode. A little stress could alert us that something wrong is going on and we need to do something. 

As long as we live we continue to travel the road we called life. We may encounter detours and bumps along the way. The more important thing is we progress however small may it be. 

Reward yourself from time to time. We may never know what may come tomorrow. At the end of the day, we need to cherish every moment and enjoy. Life is Beautiful.


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