Drag Queen

Drag queens: The Beauty behind the makeup

Drag Queens their beauty is skin deep. It is beyond makeup and customer.

Beauty is ever changing . Drag queens are a walking piece of art. In the past they were regarded as street performer. Men dressed like a woman. 

If your look is being associated with a drag it has a negative quotation in the past.

Drag Queens are more than men dressed as a woman. They are individual who chose to see things in a different perspective. They like to put a heavy make and corky clothes just to entertain.

Audience flock on comedy bars just to see their show. There are a lot of stories behind this heavy make up, feathers and glittery dress.

Each of them has a unique experience. The journey and acceptance of families are the main struggle of what they are today.

Legendary Queens

The contribution of the legendary queens that fought for their part in the society. Past decades taught us a lot of lessons. 

Drag queens are the catalyst of what we called PRIDE revolution. These Drag Queens were not taken seriously before because of how they look and dress.

Because of those challenges they emerge as victorious. It’s an ongoing process. They deserve respect more than everything. 

There are a lot of hate groups that condemned them in the past. Our modern day provided them a platform to introduce the things they contribute to the society. 

Drag Queens Beauty

Drag Queens are mostly entertainer. They do have their own community. Not of them are part of the LGBTQ family. There are persons who used this platform to put food on their table.

This is a way of living. Tucking and doing your make up for average of two hours is not a joke. 

They represent different kinds of persona when they are on the stage.

Put your own drag is a work of art. It needs a lot of dedication, sweat and ultimately courage to pull off the look. 

RuPauls Drag Race

One of the show that showcased the talent and charisma of Drag Queens in RuPaul. He is a Drag Queen himself.  The show is already on its elven season. 

Drag queens from US and all around the world compete for the $100,000 prize. The show is more that the monetary prize.

It flaunted the individual lives of those Drag Queen. Out of drag they are only simple people. They battled a lot of cause. 

The humble beginnings of the show allowed the world to see what’s behind the make up of the Drag Queens. 

The ultimate weapon was their sweat and courage to battle the judgement that they face everyday.

HIV AIDS Ambassador

This community wants the whole world to know that they are supportive of the HIV AIDS campaign. In fact, one of the contestant from the first season of Rupauls Drag Race admitted that he is struggling with the disease.

Live a life with no regret. Nothing can stop you to achieve your dreams.

HIV AIDS is a lethal disease. It spread in great numbers everyday. Drag Queens are full of life. They remind us that happiness is just around the corner. Life is a celebration.

Beauty Behind the Makeup

Drag Queens were associated with makeup. Their love towards exaggerated look is their distinctive characteristics. Paddings and big wigs added to the illusion.

It is normal that even a woman uses padding and wig to look beautiful. We are in a time that we  could not distinguish a Drag Queen from a woman.

What they are is joy giver. Nothing can repay the entertainment and joy that they give when they are in stage.

Look for the beauty behind each mask. Kudos to the Drag Queens and their contribution to the colorful world of entertainment.


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