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The paradox of the 21st century

The paradox of life in the 21st century. Where sex is free and love is expensive. When losing a phone is more painful than using your virginity. Throw away morality is common.

Modernization means nudity. If you do not drink or smoke you are out of fashion. The kids flirt and pass negative comments to other girls. Where bullying is part of life.

If you do not cheat on your partner is because you’re not smart or clever. The bathrooms have become photo studios. Temple become dating points and worship to God is difficult.

The paradox

We have taller buildings but shorter tempers. Wider freeways but narrower viewpoints. We spend more but have less. Where buying more and having less is more important.

Our houses are bigger but we have smaller families. There are more convenience but less time. Our degrees in education overflows but we have less sense. 

We have more experts yet more problems. More medicine but less wellness. The science determines the we success of the future. Development of minds are deprioritze and gave way inventions for the future.

Drinking too much and smoking too much is acceptable. Drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late , get too tired and read too little.

We watch TV so much and pray to seldom.

These are the times of fast foods, and slow digestion, big men and small character. We have steep profits but shallow relationship. We’ve learned to rush but not to wait.

These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, fancier houses, but broken homes.

It is a time when there is much in the showroom window but nothing on the stockroom. 

We build more computers to hold more information. Produce more copies than ever but yet we communicate less.

Paradox: Lies to Realities

Lies become realities. Ladies fear more than pregnancy than HIV. Pizza delivery is faster than emergency response. People become toxic when they tell you your truths or when you resist changing.

Perspective and clothing decide the value of a person. Money is more important than family and friends. The children are ready to leave their families for their love of the moment. 

The lies of TV commercial and advertisement all over predicts the outcome of a product. Goods and services are mistaken for human morality.

Love is out of Fashion

Boys are afraid of marriage, but they love having sex. Love is a game. Whoever plays the mind always get happiness and whoever plays with the heart always get hurt. 

Modernity, love and liquid education. The new generation of Humanity.

The modern world is a great example of humanities creation. We tried to build comfort but stressing ourself too much to achieve it. 

Life is beautiful. You don’t need to degrade someone so you would be lifted to the top. We are in the world of disposable diapers and throw away morality.

People fly to the moon and back but their having issue meeting new neighbours across the street. They conquer outer space but not the inner space. 

The 21st Century

In this modern world. Material things seems to add value to your life. You are more important if you are rich and famous.

Such situations are definitely opposite. We need to realize that it’s all the same at the end. Analyse yourself. Who and what are you here for. 

Your aspirations and dreams in life defines your existence. See the greater picture. Life is an ongoing process. It may be a different setting but the game is still the same. 

What makes you happy. How can your existence make a difference. The paradox of life is intriguing. It creates a wave of doubts to our minds.

Live a life that you can think and enjoy peaceful.  A simple actions became a ripple effect to the world. As small as we are, an act of kindness to others will build a bridge. 

A bridge that we can cross together to make a better world. A World were loyalty and happiness foster despite the struggles.


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