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The Documentary that killed Michael Jacksons Legacy

Hard to watch. Tougher to ignore. Impossible to forget. The fall on Michael Jackson

Leaving Neverland was their goal. The magical place that caused so much pain and confusion to them

We all are a fan of Michael Jackson. He is larger than life. A star that was destined to rule the entertainment kingdom. That is why he was known as the king of Pop.

I’ve read the news and seen cases that was filed against him. Never have I questioned myself so far. The media depicted Michael Jackson as the ultimate damsel in distress the whole time.

Watching the documentary Leaving Neverland opened my eyes to the monster that we idolized. The allegation that swirled in the past are much clearer now.

There is an element of truth behind it the two-part documentary that made me questioned the things that I’ve known.

It focused on two men that Michael considered a friend. Wade Robson who is a choreographer of famous stars and Wade Robson. They are both young men when they met the pop icon. Their world turned topsy-turvy after the meeting.

Why people never believed that Michael Jackson is a Pedophilia

  • He is an ultimate star
  • Court acquitted him for the cases that was filed against him
  • He sound so convincing throughout the ordeal
  • Sexual grooming was his ultimate weapon
  • The children that he abused felt a connection with him
  • Marriage was his out to cover the abuse that he made in the past.
  • Families of the victims who filed the cases were silenced due to the NDA and money

Michael as a Child

Michael Jackson was talented boy. He was a lead singer of the Jackson Five who is all his brother. He reported that childhood was never an enjoyment to him. His father subjected him to hours of practice and gruesome demos.

The hard work did pay off but Michael can’t go back to time and relieve his childhood. This the ultimate reason why he founded Neverland.  A thousand acres of land with a mansion and amenities suited for an amusement park.

Everything is free for his visitors. The accommodation, foods and unlimited rides. Neverland is so big that you can easily get lost in it.

The Introduction

The two young men was introduced to Michael in different occasions. One was from Pepsi commercial and the other one was from winning a dance contest in Australia. 

A couple of days from meeting up with the kids, Michael then befriended the family. They were offer a free visit to Neverland. Without the parents knowing Michael already had a plan in mind.

While their busy enjoying the luxurious vacation.  Michael manipulates the young minds of the kid.

The first thing that he usually asked is to have the kids sleep with him. Seeing how friendly he is and the ultimate superstar parents tend to me complacent and just give in to his will.

Sleeping with Michael became a habit and parents soon accepted it as a norm. Malice was out of question. They just left their son to a predator.

Jackson Family still stood up with Michael

The Jackson family already commented on the documentary. Stating that its giving Michael a bad reputation and it’s ruining his legacy. The director of the film Dan Reed never intended to show Michael as the focus of scrutiny.

This is the story of two men and their struggle for healing. They even consider Michael really as a friend and mentor.

One of them even testified on Michaels trial together with Michaels new found protégé Macaulay Culkin that they were not molested to dispute the accusations of other victims.

The secret took a toll on both of them. Both got married and had children of their own. They realized that speaking the truth and be at peace with oneself is the only way that they can do to go on with their lives.

Up to this day, they still have frustrations and anger towards their parents especially their mother. They were sexually groomed that even their parents in the past could not tell if they are telling the truth or not.

Leaving Neverland

The documentary might tarnish Michaels reputation. He is still the King of Pop. We need to separate his image from the things that he did to those innocent children that he abused.

It’s hard to believe that none of those aren’t true. When in fact many children already came out to support those allegations.

Ultimately, abuse is still abuse. The abuser might be dead but the pain and confusion that he caused still lingers.

I admire the courage of the two men who came out. The documentary is not just for them but for the people that are still hiding and are afraid to tell their story.


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