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Note to young people: Life is Beautiful

Children are the future of our nations. In the age were the world wide web and social media rule,  young people are exposed to different kinds of information. 

We see on the news with an increase number of teenagers thinking , attempting and committing suicide.

What is the cause of this madness. Depression is the common reason why young people chose to end their lives. 

Top 5 reason why Teenagers commit suicide

  • Depression
  • Bullying
  • Depression
  • Relationship struggle
  • Unable to communicate effectively with parents

The society that we live in is narcissistic. A social media post of a friend might cause despair to someone. The colorful paparazzi shots of celebrity causes a young mind to wonder. Wondering if when will he gain that kind of fame and wealth.

Fame, money and sex are the focus of every media to persuade young minds. They are constantly bombarded with this ads. Their brain in turn defined success as having all the richness and fame.

If they could not get it. Frustrations pour and it spiral to depression. Success is inner peace.

Note to young People

Life is beautiful don’t waste your precious time scrolling on your mobile phones to find something unachievable

Appreciate the simple things in Life. Having a healthy body is already wealth

Don’t compare yourself to others. We are a spectrum each of us has its own potential to shine

Love can wait. Education is still the priority

Live in the moment. Gazed on you surroundings and appreciate the things that yours senses can see and feel. 

Relax and don’t rush things. Everything will just fall into places ones you are ready.

Reason why life is Beautiful

  • There are a billion people in the planet. Meeting different people exposed you to customs  and belief that might influence you in the future.
  • Turn off your gadgets and just simply surround yourself with nature. It will sooth your soul.
  • Love your parents and cherish the time with your family. Life is short.
  • Our five senses (Sight, Smell, Feel, Hear and Taste)  alone can provide as satisfaction. 
  • Life is unfair so don’t bug yourself into thinking that you can change it. Learn to adapt and just ride along the waves.
  • There’s a to of thing that you can learn and do like arts and music. 

Young ones be patient and understanding with your parents. They might nag you every time.  Don’t give up on them so fast. Parents are only doing it because they are ones in your shoes.

Please don’t be complicit to the things that are temporary. Emotions rule your young minds. A wrong move and it will ruin your future.

You are the child of the earth. You are here for a reason.

Life is Beautiful

Struggles are normal. Let those struggles be the wind to push your wings so you can fly and reach your dreams. If you don’t get the desires of your heart just cry your heart out and move on.

Believe that what ever you do and whatever it is that questions your existence you are here for  a reason. This reason will be your ultimate goal to discover. Ending your life will not solve anything.

Love yourself and respect yourself. There is so much potential in you. Just believe that everyone was created with a purpose. 

Think twice before your thoughts linger to end the life that was given to you. Channel your frustration and anger to something creative. 

Live the life that was designed just for you. No one can live it but just you. Create memories with the friends that you will meet.

Cry every heartaches and suffer but don’t ever end  your life. Feel every pain that life will throw at you. At the end of it, you will find that everything is worthwhile. 


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