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The social media couple: How people react to the Relationship

Relationship are harder now because conversations become texting. Arguments become phone calls.And feelings become update.

Social Media is the current trend. Everybody with smartphones has social media account. We use this platform everyday. It replaces the regular calls and text that we used before.

Now, Social media is just one click away when you are connected to the internet. One snap and the world will know what you are doing. 

Eventually social media was used to post milestones in our life. We let people know what is happening to our lives. Couples who got engage, anniversary and weddings are the common seen.

Photography also evolved together with social media. Everyone can capture a moment and edit it instantly.

Caption and hashtag is everything. Do we really believe the things that we see on those post. How real is the chemistry and sweetness of  those captured photos.

Couples post sweet pictures of them and posting love notes. When we see those post, what do we feel. There is a lot of opinion that you might say at the back of your mind.

Social media relationship are they real? 

Relationship post on social media

The new couple. Here we find a blooming relationship. This Couple are just starting to know each other. They don’t show the whole picture of the person. Usually you see just hands or cryptic messages that they are doing something amazing with someone.  Teasing on comments are common on this new relationship.

The official couple. Eventually the couple will decide to make it official. The in relationship status is updated. Pictures of them will ultimately show on their timeline. Whether they are on dinner or on a vacation together. Thoughtful gesture and simple sweetness are oftentimes posted. It will get a lot of likes and reactions on the post. 

The anniversary couple. Anniversary, birthdays and other holidays are the main theme of the relationship. Surprise is not a surprise anymore. We expect them to have every time  thoughtful gestures towards the partner. Friends and colleagues are the ones who make this all happen. Every surprise has it’s own theme. Social media comments pop up throughout the day. Expectation at its best. 

The vacation couple. There are a lot of couple out there that poses non stop especially if they are on a vacation. You will know momentarily that they are going somewhere. Snaps of passport, plain tickets and luggage bag are the common post. Couple goals to circumnavigate the world is their goal. 

The long distance couple. In our modern day distance is still an issue especially for couples. Photos of them video chatting or Face timing are the most common post. The struggles is real. Each of them needs to be strong. No matter how strong their love for each other there will come a time that they will be tested. 

The married couple. Marriage is the end goal. Maintaining it is hard and rewarding at the same time. The first thing that will bombard our timeline is their wedding pictures. Their profile picture and cover photo are usually from a  prenup of the wedding itself. News of becoming pregnant and posting of pregnancy kit and ultrasound are common. 

At the end of the day photos are just snaps of a moment. The defining term of a relationship is what you really fee.  Those videos and pictures are a fraction of what they are live in.

We should not question ourselves if you are single or have a relationship of your own. There is a time for everything. 

Social media post doesn’t make those couple happy. They might share a glimpse of their lives. It doesn’t mean that they are happy all the time. 


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