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Caffeine its effect on our Mental Energy

We associate caffeine mostly with coffee.Do you know that caffeine is everywhere. Pharmaceuticals developed medicines with caffeine that cure headache.

Intake of caffeinated drinks constitutes to increase in energy level, visual vigilance and it can increase our mental energy to function at our very best.

Caffeine is a substance that is found in coffee and tea that makes you feel more awake.

Coffee and energy drinks are the biggest industry worldwide. The world needs it to be alert and awake every time. It is mundane to include coffee on a pantry of an office. This substance makes employee productive from the busy deadlines.

Effects of Caffeine

  • Increase Vigilance
  • Alters mood states
  • Reduces choice reaction time
  • Decreases Fatigue
  • Increase Alertness and Energy Levels

Top 7 Beverages with caffeine

  • Death wish coffee 651 mg
  • Starbuck Venti Coffee 415 mg
  • Dunkin Donuts Large coffee 395 mg
  • Shock coffe 231 mg
  • Biggby red eye espresso 274 mg
  • Peet’s Coffee 267 mg
  • Panera 267 mg

Some of the corporation like Starbucks and Coffee Bean promotes different types of coffee with different levels of caffeine in it. These business foster because people make it habit to drink a cup of coffee each day.

History of Coffee

Discovery of coffee was reported way back from Ethiopian civilization. A farmer noticed his goat after eating the coffee beans they become alert and energetic all day.

Water is not the essential liquid that keeps us going throughout the say. When you went to a supermarket different types of colored beverages either hot or cold catches our attention.

Caffeine Alert

Make sure to check the labels.  You don’t even know if you are already feeding caffeinated drinks to your young ones.

Everything is good but in moderation. Caffeine in general is good for the body. What happens to us when we abuse caffeine.

Research shows that continuous intake of caffeinated drinks leaves our body resistant and dependent to it.

Some reports hand tremors, Headache and even dizziness if they haven’t taken any caffeinated drinks.

Energy drinks are becoming popular. They target top athletes to endorse their products. Energy drinks are way more caffeine diluted.

It provides us a burst of energy for a short time. Our body weakens after the effects of the drinks diminish.

With the intention of super charging our body, we sometimes forgot that this beverage may caused a lot of damage.

Under those circumstances our body especially our health is at risk. Long term use of this drinks will cause kidney damage and will lead to multi organ dysfunctions.

We still continue to patronize caffeinated drinks in the market. Even the chocolate drink that your toddlers might have something in it. Be vigilant and take care of your body.

Learn to wean yourself if you are already in the frenzy of drinking those beverages.

Steps that you can take to moderate intake of caffeine

  • Read the labels of every product that you are buying
  • Drink at least 10 glasses or 2 liters of water everyday
  • Wean yourself from drinking caffeinated drinks by lesser intake everyday to avoid withdrawal effects.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Self discipline is still the key

Life is short. We can still enjoy or indulge on things that aren’t good for the body from time to time. For the most part we are here in this world to live a life that we want and not what others dictate.

You have the capacity to make yourself vulnerable from the environment that we live in. Self sustaining behavior will allow us to function at our highest level.

Love yourself and take care of your body. We only have one and we should love it.

Caffeine is our friend along with the other innovations that came together with modernization. It can affect you physically but it distorts your mental energy.

Given these points, it’s still up to you. You are the captain of your life. 


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