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The Echo of Life

Life is an echo. What you send out comes back. What you sow you reap. What you give you get. What you see in others exist in you.

Life is an echo.What you give to the universe it goes back to you. Do unto others if you want others do it unto you. You reap what you sow.What you give you get. The thing that you see in others exist in you.

This are the famous Golden rule. The story of a little boy and his father reminded me of this famous saying. 

The Boy and his Father

The little boy and his father passed by a valley one afternoon. Suddenly, the boy tripped and wounded himself. He suddenly screamed Ahhhh…….

To the boys amazement he heard the same sound Ahhhhh…. from the other mountain

He then asked the voice “Who are you?”. It came back to him and said the same thing.

Startled with what he heard, the boy replied “Are you making a fool out of me?”. Same thing happened, the sound echoed right back at him and uttered the same words. Angered, the boy felt that someone on the other mountain is making fun of him.

His father seen the boy struggle. This is the first time that he experienced the echoing sound.

The father simply shouted “I Love You!”. With the same voice the mountain echoed back the same phrase “ I Love You!”.

“You are wonderful!” and sure thing it echoed the same words. The little boy was astonished with what his father did. 

Son… the sound that you hear is called echo.

It is also called Life. 

What you give to the world it goes back to you in the same amount and intensity.

Positivity vs. Negativity

Positive thoughts and actions yields the same positivity as you go through Life. Learn to understand the things that you don’t want to happen will simply not happen unless you let them be.

Kindness towards people that you don’t know will define you and not the material things. It’s about living the life without anger and resentment that you appreciate your existence.

Life is an echo. Religion tells us in different ways on  how they interpret the Golden rule. This is the basic principle that you need to master. Everything is just complimentary.

Negative emotions also begets negativity. Remove yourself from people who always thinks negativity about themselves and towards other. This will pollute your soul.

A rich man had three children. His husband died a couple of years ago and she inherited all his possessions. The family has teenage boy who cleaned for the house.

There was no water system that provides water to the houses. This house cleaner wakes up every three in the morning just to fetch the rich woman water that they can use. 

The rich man nags him all the time and makes him feel inferior. A few years later, the rich man’s children became rebellious and stole his possessions. 

The eldest son sold his house without him knowing. Anguished, the rich man doesn’t know where to go. 

He went to the house cleaner that he treated badly. The rich man was accepted to the shelter and  but was treated badly. 

You could see the boy and the rich man arguing all the time and the boy made sure that the rich man will have a taste of his own medicine. The boy doesn’t feel bad at all because he felt that this rich man needs to know what he felt for the past years.

Although this maybe true. Life itself gives us a lot of opportunity to do what is right. We are in the world full of uncertainty. The only that we have control of is our words and action.

In the long run what we sow will definitely be our harvest. For the most part the echo of life will teaches us a lesson. 

For this reason, we have the ability to either just read or carefully understand and practice the things that we want to give back. Sooner or later it will catch up to you. 

Above all treat others what you want to be treated and you live a life full of contentment.



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