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The Law of Atrophy and Disuse

Man cannot change the Law of nature, but he can put himself into such relations to natural laws that he can profit by then

The Law of Atrophy. Man cannot change the Law of nature, but he can put himself into such relations to natural laws that he can profit by then.

Life is uncertain. We go though life without knowing the future. To some it gives them an inspiration and pursue their dreams. For the others, it provides them anxiety.

For one thing, everything that we don’t use constantly will  diminish in function or decrease in size. This is not the law that we studied in school.  As a matter of fact this law was taught to us by Life itself. The Law of atrophy and Disuse.

When we say about Law, it is absolute and is applicable to all. Most of the countries around the world was plague with the disease called Polio. 

The person who gets the disease is notably seen with shrank and limb or lower extremities. A vaccine was later on develop to eradicate this disease.  Nowadays, we still see people with those conditions.

How it Works

It is not because that disease causes the limbs to shrink. The problem is with the nerves that controls the muscle movement of both leg.

There’s no problem with the muscles. Alternatively since the body doesn’t use the muscles on both legs due to problem with the nerves, the muscle legs ultimately shrinks. 

On the other hand running athletes that compete in Olympics has notably enlarge leg muscle. Most of it was connected to the fact that they use those muscles intensely throughout the day especially during practice.

The law of Atrophy and disuse is very much clear on this illustration. 

According to studies the person who constantly use his brain for complex thing, reading and mathematical calculations without aid of any mechanical device will have a sharp intellectual reasoning even as they age.

During college it’s easy for us to read chapters and chapters of book. It gives us headache sometimes but we get used to it. Notice, now that we are working it’s troublesome for us to read even just pages of those books. As a result we cannot comprehend effectively the things that we can do before.

Hobbies that Contribute

We over indulge ourself to entertainment that requires less of our abilities to function. In return we forgot even the basic mathematical equations that we oftentimes used calculators. 

Sharpness of the mind needs constant practice. Like any other things, our brain will literally shrink and connections between the brains cells will loose. This in time will show as chronic symptoms of forgetfulness and less attention span.

Exercise your brain by reading at least a one book every week. Solve basic calculations with using a calculator. Those simple things can make a difference. 

Even emotions needs also to be sharpen. We live in the world that depression and suicide is common among young individual.  We often question ourselves, what could be the problem?

Same is true with relationships. It needs constant reminder and nourishment to grow. Most of the long time relationships that I’ve  known ends up in separation and divorce.

Marriage today is just a piece of legal paper. Couples and Married individual tend to stop courting and making their partner feel special. This habit shrinks the tie and connection between those lovers.

We are lucky because the information that we need is just on the palm of our hands. The use of mobile phones is a necessity this days. 

Not to mention we are not required to bring those bulky books that we need for simple definition like the hardbound dictionary and Encyclopedia that we use before.

The Law speaks for itself

In any case the law of atrophy and disuse is applicable to everything. For everything to work you need to constantly use it. They say that you need at leat 10,000 hours to be an expert in a field. Practice definitely makes perfect.

As you start your day or any venture that you want learn to be patient. If you want something you need to constantly aim to do the things that we lead  you to your goal.

Beginnings are hard. People will question every steps that you take to achieve those goal. They might feel curious but at the back of their mind they simply want you to fail.

Deep in their soul is a hunger for the things that they are afraid to do because of the judgment and doubts from others.

Everything shrinks it’s up to you to sharpen those things that matter. May it be Physical, emotional and spiritual. This the Law of Atrophy and Disuse.


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