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What is in a Color: Evolution through time.

The world that we live in is full of it. Imagine the world without the colorful hues. The sky will be dull and nature will not be exciting. Color had been used in different form. Painter used color for self expression.

Activist used colors to represent what they believe in. Nothing beats a vibrant color when it comes to eye catching scene. There are a lot of ways on why color in describing a word or seeing the exact thing arouses our mind.

Color evolved throughout the years. We have memorized the basic color in our early years. As a child we played with different colorful toys. In our digital age, color evolution made us appreciated different types of media graphics.

Everything is vibrant. We oftentimes don’t know the name of the color because of its different shades . Let us travel though time and discover how the evolution of colors change the world. Color evolution provides as a glimpse of what we could be in the future.

History of Color

Early times human beings used colors in different ways. Caveman draw beautiful pictures on the caves using charcoal mixed with spit, dirt and animal fat. This yields different types of color and produces an airbrush like image.

Religious groups used colors to represent divinity. Renaissance paintings produced a lot of masterpiece. Some artist used blood to depict extreme emotions. Looking back colors change our view on how we perceive things.


  • Red is associated with War, Anger, Strength and love
  • Yellow is a color of sunshine. It represents Joy, Intellect and energy
  • Blue is the color of sky and sea. It depicts calmness, serenity and Stability.


  • Orange is the combination of sunshine of yellow and strength of red. It represents the tropics.
  • Green symbolizes freshness, growth and harmony. It is often time associated with nature.
  • Violet is associated with royalty. It combines the intensity of blue and red.

There are a lot of terms that we confuse when describing the intensity and mixture of colors. Hues,Tints, Tones and Shades are the commonly words that we interchange while describing a color.


  • The property of color by which they can be perceived as ranging from red, yellow through green.


  • You get tint when you add WHITE in a hue. Saturating and desaturating the color.


  • Tones are described as adding black and White to a hue.


  • Adding black into a color is a shade.

Colors today have a unique names. They are combination or saturation of basic colors but turned into beautiful colors. This colors are often time used in wedding or party to describe a motiff or shades.

Unusual Colors


Reddish-rose color that is used to describe the color of an amaranth plant. This is similar to magenta color but much redder.

2. Coquelicot

A shade of red and orange. Named for the wild corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas). It is distinguish by its bright red color and an orange tint.

3. Eburnean

Ivory like color with a little shade of yellow.

4. Fulvous/Tawny

It is describe as a dull orange color. Variation of beige and butterscotch.

5. Falu

Deep red in color.


It is use to describe as pale gray or bluish-green.

7. Mikado

A darker shade of yellow.

8. Sarcoline

Flesh colored shade.

9. Smaragdine

Emerald green. Comes from a Latin word smaragdus that means emerald.


It is a green-gray color.

Each of us associate our favorite colors to comfort. The different colors brings inner peace and it helps us understand the thing that we can describe. Knowing the colors that we encounter provides us new angle in seeing things.

This might be new in our ears, but we have seen this shades everywhere. Life gives us a reason to appreciate the things around us. Color adds to life. As simple as it is. This defines the world that we live in.



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