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Earth Hour: An hour for the Planet to Heal

We are in a world that promptness is a must. Twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, we consume earths resources to our own benefit.

Have we consider taking an hour from our busy life and offer it to our earth? We love this earth and everything around it. We are obliged to give an hour and make our planet rest to heal.

Healing of our Earth is crucial.Giving back an Hour each year is a simple gift that we can offer.

An hour that you give will add a couple of years to our planet #EarthHour.

What is Earth Hour

Pushing environmental laws. This movement inspired millions of people. It allowed individual participation. Attention, Awareness and action provides an emphasis that Earth Hour will make a difference.

People had the ability and power, a single individual can make a difference. Switching off the non essential electric devices will help us sustain the world that we live in.

The staggering change of climate and decrease of biodiversity is the main inspiration for the Earth Hour Movement.


Earth hour was organized by WWF Word Wild Fund for Nature. The movement encourages individual to switch off the non essential eclectic devices for an hour. This earth hour learn to connect and be a part of hour planet.

In 2007 Sydney Australia was the first city to join this venture. Since then, it grew up to 7,000 cities around the world.

Things that you need to

  1. Turn off your lights : take a moment to appreciate the beauty of earth by seeing it naturally
  2. Walk outside and enjoy the fresh air : turning off you AC and breath the fresh our outside. Gaze upon the stars and the moon. Delight in its allure.
  3. Light a candle : light symbolizes life. This is the beginning or a fresh start. Give a reboot to our tired world. You can use the candle for an organized dinner party or simply just read books that you like.
  4. Unplug yourself from mobile devices: During this time we must obligate ourselves. We consider switching off the non essential devices, but we rather focus ourself to our mobile phones and let social media be our displacement to let everybody know that you are participating. Unplug and let yourself be free from any disturbances.
  5. Breath in and Breath out : It’s time to relax. Focus your senses on the things that nature can offer. Inhale the cool air and gaze on the skies above.
  6. Party with friends: Talking directly to people promotes social skills.


This 2019 the Earth Hour will be on March 30 at 8:30 – 9:30 PM Local time.

The #Connect2Earth is the WWF new way to advertise the movement so that it will appeal to the social media platform.

This hashtag allowed individuals to impart the current environment that they live in. It showcased the beauty of nature and what Earth Hour can contribute to its sustainable existence.

People around the world is now thrilled to join this movement.

Join the Cause

Each of us has priorities. Life in every angle is beautiful indeed. The earth that we live in is sick and it needs just an Hour of your time to make a difference.

Participate in any cause that you think might promote a sustainable living. Earth Hour is one the steps that we commit to the nature.

A way of giving back and appreciating the priceless things the world offer. This will provide us a platform to our future generations.

The earth will be enjoyed our future children. Think about the world that they will live in the future.

Adding years to our dear planet will be the goal of this movement. Join the Earth Hour and #Connect2Earth the we loved. Add your voice to the movement.


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