Conjoined twins abby and brittany

Twinning: Conjoined twins one body and two souls.

Life itself is difficult. There are a lot of judgements that you encounter everyday.

For one thing, I was astonished seeing the vibrant life that they are living .

They remind me of being thankful and use the abilities that I have. The fact that, they might look different from the outside but felt normal inside.

I could see the vibrant life that they are living.In other words, people always stares at them because of their unique condition.

Abby and Brittany Hensel was born on March 7,1990 in New Germany Minnesota U.S.

One body with two souls, that is the best description of their beauty.

Here are the Body parts and Internal Organs that they shared 

  • 2 Heads
  • 2 spines
  • 2 arms
  • 1 Broad ribcage
  • 2 Breast
  • 2 Hearts
  • 4 lungs
  • 1 diaphragm
  • 2 stomachs
  • 2 gallbladders
  • 1 liver
  • 1 small intestine
  • 1 large intestine
  • 3 kidneys: 2 left and 1 right
  • 1 bladder
  • 1 set of reproductive organs
  • 1 pelvis
  • 2 legs

The conjoined twins doesn’t allow judgment and bullying to rule their life. Education is very important to them. They graduated college , took two separate driving lessons and passed. 

At birth, they are very symmetric conjoined twins giving the appearance of having a single body.  Each has learned to coordinate vice versa especially in using both different hands and feet for daily routine. 

Abby and Brittany use their extraordinary teamwork to get things done.

You might glance twice at them on the street because of their unique look. It doesn’t stop them to be creative and face the situation normally. 

Born with a special appearance might be a burden to others. Much less, they proved that life is a constant challenge you just need to keep going and used the qualities that you have to be happy.

Currently they are working as math teachers on primary school. Students never doubted their abilities. 

In the future, they still want to get married and have a children of their own. There’s a reason for everything. You don’t need to mope around for the things that you can’t control. 

Focus your energy to the things that you can change and improve that will give you the ultimate happiness that you’ve been searching.


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