The Married Life

The married Life. The things that they don’t tell you…

The married life and the things that they don’t tell you. I’ve seen the movies. I’ve read a lot of books. But still it didn’t prepare me to the roller coaster we called marriage.

Marriage is foreign to me. I was raised by a single mother and never witnessed how really marriage works.

I never thought that I’ll be married today.

Getting married and marriage are totally different things.  We often associate marriage to a beautiful wedding gown and picture perfect entourage. 

Marriage is an ongoing process, it never ends.

My priorities changed. I need to consider my husbands opinion  towards everything. 

I don’t know if it’s just me. Marriage is difficult but at the same time fulfilling.

Boyfriends and girlfriends is a different spectrum. 

I love my husband but there are times that he gets on my nerve and we argue a lot. But, You need to respect each others opinion

Things that they don’t tell you

  1. Romance will disappear 
  2. Friendship will last
  3. You will be annoyed a lot even in simple things
  4. He will call you names
  5. He will be brutally honest with you
  6. Don’t expect to be a princess
  7. You will always feel unappreciated

There are a lot of dull moments, but it’s up to you to lift it up

Marriage is not about how years you’ve been as couple. It is not defined by niche movies or romance novel. It is how you define and live it. 

You have your whole life to manage your marriage.  Routine might kill the romance and intimacy. The thing that will get you through is knowing that this person will stick up for me through thick and thin.

The contract that you signed is not a proof that your marriage will last forever. It is a reminder that once in your life you made a choice.Fight for your marriage. People or problem may attempt to destroy it. Fight with all your might.

Love is not based on emotion alone. It’s the combination of trust, respect and loyalty towards the person. 


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