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An open letter to MOM: Promise unfulfilled

How can I ever express my feelings.  I was raised to be strong and independent. An open letter to mom. This is for the years that you nurtured me.

Looking back, I still wonder why I haven’t achieve the things that I promised you mom.

Raising a child is difficult especially to a single mother

The Promise

When I was five years old, I clearly remember that promise

“Mom, I will build you a beautiful house and give you riches that I can afford”. An open letter to let my feelings flow.

The smile that shines on her face is like a volt of electricity to me. That is the only thing that gives me happiness. Seeing my mom smile.

She has struggled a lot. Without an education, she literally did everything she could to give me clothes to wear, shelter, food to eat and better education.

Sorry mom! 

We became distant for the past few years.

I graduated college, worked and met a lot of friends.

You always call me and all I do is ignore it because it’s the same thing that yo are telling me.

Mom you meant the whole world to me. There are things in life that I want to accomplish but  you are still my world. Without you I will be an empty vessel.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you if I’m not answering your call. 

There is still that little girl that cherish your smile and jumps with happiness when I hear your voice. 

We might see each other at least once a year. But I still cherish those moments. I felt guilty not fulfilling those promise. I’m also helpless and struggling with my own life.

The bond that we have knows no distance or words.  I can still feel your love even though your a thousand miles from me. I hope you feel my love too.

As you lay on your death bed. The only thing that  I can say is – “I Love You Mom”.

Everything happens for a reason. I’m just grateful for the unconditional love that you showed me. 

Mom you are my world…..


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