You can't cut a family off

You can’t cut a family off. You just can’t…. It’s never too late to say sorry if you really mean it

Family is the basic unit of our society. Family structure is much complex today than it was before. Problems also evolve as the structure of our modern family elevates. 

Admit it or not we’ve been into a situation were we want to cut ties with a family member that cause us a lot of pain.

Younger years taught us about family gatherings and holidays.

Growing up has taught us that family members would always be a hurdle for us to achieve our dreams and goals in life.

They are the first one to comment negatively  about your future. Without them knowing, you were tainted with a feelings hurtfulness.

Each of us has different family backgrounds.

You might be rich but you are not seeing your parents a lot. It gives you an excuse to rebel.

Destitute family often blame their lack of discipline and lack of education because they are impoverished.

Children rebel because of what they don’t have. Human nature always tells us not be contented of what we have. It doesn’t mean that we are a bad person. It’s jus who we are.

In today’s technology we witnessed most of the time the altercation of those family. From parents to children and from sisters to brother.

A click of the thumb and suddenly it’s broadcasted to the world through social media. Everyone has an opinion. The person’s who are reading those comment will not help you.

Keep it to yourself, talk to a friend or to the person that caused you this misery.

There are times when the situation gets to you.

Before you say or do anything remember this..

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly three times

Close your eyes for 30 seconds

Imagine that you are in a peaceful place

Focus on the person or things that make you happy

Ask yourself if this emotional explosion will solve your problem

Bickering will lead to know good. Just remember this, the person that sent you a lengthy message is sometimes on the peak of their anger and they want to release it. 

It doesn’t mean that they really hate you.

Don’t jump into conclusion. It’s easy to move on when you don’t let hatred and anger rule your heart. 

Forgive yourself and forgive the person or a family member that hurt you in the past. They can’t hurt you unless you let them. 

Release the weight from your shoulder. Let us be more patient towards our family member. Blood is thicker than water.  

We are us dysfunctional as our family. Find a way to make it a fuel to achieve your dreams.

You can’t cut ties with a family. You were bonded by blood. 

Give them more understanding. Be compassionate. It’s never too late to say sorry if you really mean it. 


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