Stressed! How it Affects our inner Peace.

Stress is inevitable and all of us encounter it everyday.

Hunter and gatherer need to be alert to survive from other predators from their environment. 

We still react the same way with stress

The mind is a thinking thing and the body is a non thinking thing. That the mind can exist without the body but the body could not exist without the mind.

Stress was first coined by Robert Hooked in engineering terms.

Most people when they think of stress is when they stressed out on their mind or they are worrying or obsessing about things.

Effects of Stress

  1. Headache and muscle Tension
  2. Fatigue
  3. Sleep pattern problem
  4. Change in sex drive
  5. Overeating or under eating
  6. Social Withdrawal and Depression

Stress takes many different forms. We are stress all the time. Your mind and your body are the same thing. If you alter your mind it will alter your body.

If you can address the person’s stress in their life, I think that should be number one. We know that mental stress will affect the body in a physical way.  So much of the stress can alter our digestion. Many people who are stress suffers from indigestion and bloating.

When somebody who is a lot of stress, at least emotional stress. A whole cascade of things can be going on, from neck problems to lower back pain to stomach problems to anxiety.

Stress almost cause a lot of condition out there. If we can take out a lot of emotional stress out from their system, the body has a better change to heal.

When we are struck by a stressor on a day that our system is somewhat compromise everything just crumbles on that moment.

We are very adaptable our nervous system finds a way to cope and get through. But what we often do is develop mechanism that don’t work as we grow old.

I find stress is a big deal for people are their own internal thoughts. They beat themselves up and think that they are not good enough.

They feel that they have to be perfect. Every time they fail on something they stress themselves up.

Ask yourself these if every time you did something wrong do you beat your self up? If you do you are stressing your self up.

Some of the patients wouldn’t get well. Those who are emotionally burden usually don’t

Get better.


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