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Waterbeds are they really coming back?

Waterbeds are water-filled mattress mainly used for bedridden, injured or under going therapy.

The waterbed was invented by Charlie Hall in 1960’s, at San Francisco State University. After they heyday, waterbeds developed a stigma and sales declined.

Waterbeds were not intended to make a bedtime bouncier. They were intended to help people get better sleep.

This is part of Charlie’s thesis project at the San Francisco University. His idea was to create a furniture that could form to the contours of a person’s body without creating pressure points.

The key concept of the waterbed is displacement. So as you move, water fills the gaps, and every curve of your body gets equal support. 

But research is non-conclusive as to whether or not waterbeds help alleviate aches and pains.

Now, before settling on water, Charlie tried to make  a chair filled with Jell-o and another liquid corn starch.

None of those work, but Charlie came up with another design. He filled a large mattress with water. I could be used as either a bed or a kind of gathering space and sure thing it became a hit. 

Advantages of Waterbed

  • Relief from Allergy and Hay-fever
  • Treatment of Arthritis
  • Weightless bedsore relief
  • Easing Sleep Disorder
  • Good growth and development for newborn babies

We barely noticed waterbeds nowadays. Some say there are some companies who will try to market new sets and designs of this wonderful bed.

Disadvantages of waterbeds

  • Increases energy cost when heated during winter time
  • Carrying the waterbed from other places is difficult
  • Vinyl smell of waterbed is irritating
  • Bacteria may grown on the mattress due to moisture

In todays time waterbeds my be up to date. Looking back at the craze on the early 90’s it’s hard to tell whether it’s a necessity or just a blast of curiosity. We may learn from the past mistakes.

Those manufactured waterbeds ended up in trash and that will contribute to the waste that we humans added to our precious earth.


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